10 Hilarious Photos of 1st time vs 101st time

This is a rather funny collection of photos and illustrations that depict the differences between doing something the 1st time, versus doing it the 101st time. As with everything else in life, some things, the more we do them, the better we get at them. For other stuff, the more you do them the most boring or tedious they become (dishwashing could be a good candidate for this one!). Anyway, the photos are pretty great, so I have you get some laughs from checking them out.

Having Sex

According to the cartoon, most people have an awful time when they first have sex. They are inexperienced, anxious and easily excited. Many couples report that the first time they have sex, it lasts less than 5 minutes in total.

Your Taste in Coffee Changes


When you first get into coffee, you just want to try all the different varieties. Mocha Latte, Cappuccino Venti, and stuff like that. Eventually, you get it that all coffee is basically the same, and you just yell out to get your good old black cup of coffee.

Becoming an Experienced Driver


When you first start driving cars (or motorcycles), you just want to drive EVERYWHERE. Eventually, a few years down the line, this excitement settles, and you basically use the car as an appliance. You even yell at younger drivers that don’t obey the rules.

Weed Tolerances


Just like drinking alcohol, so can weed built up a tolerance in your system – ask any experienced smoker to confirm this for you. The first time kids try some weed, they feel they can talk to god. The 101st time? It’s just a normal thing for them.

The Dreaded Beer Belly


Most teenagers try alcohol for their first time while they are still around the age of 14 (some even start drinking earlier). At first, it is a very funny experience for them, but eventually, just like weed, it becomes a chore and something that just harms your health (or your belly size).

Flying is Magical


I’m in a very similar situation as the photo above. The first time I went on a plane, I was extremely enthusiastic and happy about the whole experience. Eventually, with today’s low-cost flight, flying in an airplane becomes similar to being in a bus.

Work & Music


When you have your first day at work, you may wonder if putting on the headphones is unprofessional or distracting to your co-workers. Eventually, you become a part of the gang, and you even share songs together – totally laid back.

Note Taking at Work


When you get a new job, you want to show how serious you are – so naturally, you take notes of everything so you don’t forget. Eventually, this dies down, and you even forget deadlines or random stuff you had written for your boss or superior.

Some Things Never Change


If you have a highly intellectual job (programming comes to mind), you might feel as if you are never qualified enough for the job at hand. This might not actually be wrong – some jobs are so demanding, that you will never get good enough at them.

Internet Woes


Going to the doctor used to be quite an experience for many people. You would thank the good doctor for saving your life, and he would be glad that he changed someone’s life. Now, we read everything on WebMD or other websites before talking to our doctors.

Even Police Work Changes Over Time


Many people, before they become police officers, imagine their life as adventure-filled, arresting serial killers left and right, and protecting their city. What they come to find is that most of their work will be writing tickets for drunk drivers.

Being Late at Work


As with all the other cartoons of work-related changes, at first, you try your best every day not to be late for work. Eventually, this also dies down, and you even hope to be slightly late, while waiting for your Big Mac at the nearby McDonalds.

You Stop Caring What Other People Think About You


Not everyone is like this, but many people have an extreme love-hate relationship with their boss. At first, you do everything to make them like you, but eventually, they stop caring, and they even start hating on their superior – not a good trait in my opinion Ethan Pocic Authentic Jersey

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