15 Things Only Men in Love Desire In Bed

Love can awaken the crazy person within you and can make you do crazy things. Who does not know about the man who purchased 99 iPhone’s to ask out his girlfriend? Or the couple who had a proposal while sky diving? Needless to say, love is crazy. But, it is your craziness in bed that defines how much in love you are. Ladies, here is a list of desires that only men will love will be looking for in bed.


One thing that men in love really want to do in bed is a lot of smooching. If a man really keeps kissing you on the lips and ignites the passion within you, then rest assured both of you are really in love. More kisses mean more love here.

Slapping, Squeezing and Shaking!

No man wants to go to bed without some action. Now, this can either be a long session of tiresome sex, or they can squeeze, slap and shake every part of your body till they have enjoyed it to their heart’s content.

They Want You to Want It

Back in the days, it was the men that dictated what transpired on bed. But, we are in 2K’s now and men want us ladies to want sex as well. They will love it when they reach home to you ready to leap on to them in your undies.

They Desire the Full View

A man in love will want you to take off everything while in bed with them. Someone who truly loves you would look over your stretch marks and that extra rump and would adore your body like a child adores sweets.

Oh, Hail Mee!

There comes a time in the relationship when men are just giving their all on the bed. They are determined to get the acknowledgement from your side and would do anything to get you to praise them. So, do remember to say a few words of praise.

The Chest

The best feeling for a man in love is to lie head down on your chest. Your Chest is the heaven for your man after a tiring day out. They just want to lie with their head on your breasts and to rid themselves of all the worries in the world.

Heavy Action

A man who is deeply in love would want some heavy action. Prepare for some sweaty sex, because sh*t is about to get real here. A man in love has no restrictions and after your consent can take you to the Wonderland of Sex.

Say Their Name and Make Some Noise

Ohh, the feeling a man gets when you say their name, amidst your deafening screams of pain, delight and fun. As the relationship builds on, so would their expectations from your screams. Your screams are for them an acknowledgement of their efforts; make them as personal as possible.

He Loves Foreplay

Some men think that the sex just revolves around their penis. A man who loves you would let you know that they want proper foreplay. Slow the action and let them feel every part of your body against theirs. Tease him and build the sex rather than just going into it.

Their Fantasies

Every Man has sexual fantasies that they would like to try out with you. As the relationship builds on and they starts loving you even more, they’ll tell you the fantasies. You can even take turns fulfilling each other’s fantasies, so that every night is a new sexual adventure.

Talk Them In

As the relationship builds stronger, you can text your man a few sexual hints regarding what might happen during the night. This will turn them on and they will come running home in the mood and with all the necessary equipment.

Change Things Up For Them

Missionary sex will get boring for them after a while. They won’t let you know, but it is your responsibility to change and spice things up. Be spontaneous and try new positions and methods. Nothing says I love you more than a blindfold and some handcuffs.

They Will Want You to Stick By After Sex

A man who seriously loves you knows that you are not a tramp and will want to stick by after sex. We do not condone One Night Stands, but the real love is when the man sticks by after sex and takes you in his arms. What happens after sex, will define their love.

They Love Stories

For men in love, making love is not just sex but a new experience. They would love if you share stuff in bed and tell stories from your day while they kiss you all over the day. They are experts in multitasking and are hearing you out while simultaneously kissing you at the same time.

Have a Good Time Making Love

Making love on bed is the highlight of every relationship. If your man really loves you, they would desire the things mentioned above. In fact, they would be thinking about you all day long and would be raring to get back home and have your perfect body on top of them. Dallas Goedert Womens Jersey

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