Here Are 9 Creative Positions To Eat Her Out

Most women do not climax with just penetration meanwhile guys seem to love getting blowjobs as well. Oral sex is the perfect way to keep things interesting in the bedroom and in your relationship. Whether used as foreplay or the main event these positions are a hit for any bedroom.

9: All Hail The Queen
The important thing to remember about face-sitting is that you do not want to actually sit on his face unless you want to suffocate him with your vagina. Instead, hold yourself a few inches above the ground by putting the strain on your thighs. It serves a great thigh workout as well. You might want to straddle his head while he goes down on you. Meanwhile, to get a better hold, he can just grab on to your butt or hips.

8: Doggy Goes Oral
This position will put you in charge in terms of angle and pressure. It can be performed on the bed or floor, however, you would want to do it on a carpeted floor. This totally hot position will allow you to transition to anilingus if that is something you want.

7: So-fa So Good
To perform this good-for-both position, have your guy lie down on the couch with his back and head on the seat, while his legs are folded on the back support. Then with your face towards the back of the couch, kneeling over his face with your knees on the seat for support. This is the perfect 69, much better than the one in bed. 6: The Spiderman
Blowjobs usually deprive the guys of a proper view. However, this position will grace with him with the full view of your hot-bod. For this position lie comfortably on the bed with your legs folded and slightly slide your head off of the edge of the bed. Have your guy stand behind you, leaning forward, enabling you to reach his genital area and give some amazing head. For your pleasure, meanwhile going down on him you can ask him to stimulate your clitoris or vagina with his hands.

5: The Leg-up
Most women have one side of their vulva more sensitive than the other, so keeping that mind choose which leg you want to lift up. Let the other leg dangle comfortably down the bed. This will leave your sensitive side exposed to stimulation and a few circles and 8s over the correct place will have you go crazy with ecstasy.

4: The Side Car
While lying side by side, with faces towards each other, you can slide down until you reach his groin area. It is a more comfortable method for a blowjob. This will ensure maximum pleasure for him without giving you bruised knees or a strained neck. This also leaves his hands free and within reach for him to caress your back.

3: The Deep V
Try this slight work-out-friendly position for times you have trouble staying focused on the act. Lying down on the edge of the bed, grab your thighs while your legs spread out in a V. If you are not flexible enough to do that, you can bend your knees. Have your guy eat you out, using his hands to excite the skin on the inside and outside of your thighs. The stimulation will make more blood flow to your vulva and the touch will keep you in the moment.

2: The Cliffhanger
For this position, you will need to lie back on the bed with your legs dangling over the edge. Have your guy kneel between your legs, on the floor which will give him access to your clitoris as his head will be angled down towards your vagina. Your hands are free to play with his hair while his’ are free to caress the rest of your body.

1: The Corkscrew
Have him stand while you kneel before him. While gently gripping the base of his penis, take him into your mouth and move your head side by side, slowly. To up your game, move your hands up and down like when adjusting a camera lens. These positions will keep you and your partner happy while also spicing up the things in your relationship. You can experiment with these tips and find out what works best for you.  Duke Dawson Jersey

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